Monday, March 9, 2015

Kebaikan Kumon dalam subjek Matematik dan English

Assalamualaikum guys...
Hi my followers yang 5 org tu..hahaha
Sedih kan followes ciput je..tapi takpa..blogging ni hobby haruslah tulis untuk suka2 dan sengih2 bila baca sendiri..huhu

Bila sebut KUMON..ada orang tahu..dan ada orang tak first aku pun tak tahu pasal sejarah KUMON ni..tapi disebabkan perasaan ingin tahu..maka aku memulakan aktiviti blog walking..
Selain tu..aku jgk tanya pendapat kawan alam maya aku...fb far feedback yang aku dapat memang memuaskan ati..

Korang boleh baca antara feedback2 yg aku dapat dr kwn:

Pas baca apa perasaan korang??Mesti berkobar2 kan nak hantar..
Same as aku,terus whatsapp en.suami tanya..dia cakap "memang nak bagi pandai..tapi tak rasa ka pressure anak"..frankly speak..aku rasa tak membebankan pun..besides kindy yg dnial belajar skrg pun takda waktu yang terluang tu dia bole buat homework kumon..tul tak..
Rather than main game..tgk channel 611-615 tu..huhu

Sedikit sejarah kumon as below.In english ya..kalau tak faham translate la sendiri..hihi

Learning skills develop the ability to reach for one's goals and dreams. Kumon was born out of the bond between a parent and child.

One father's love for his son gave birth to the Kumon Method of learning. After more than half a century, his philosophy still continues to help many children develop the ability to reach for their goals and dreams.
It all began when a young boy's mother found a math test in his pocket. That boy was Takeshi Kumon, and he was in his second year of elementary school. Seeing that his test results were not as good as they usually were, his mother consulted her husband Toru Kumon, who was a high school math teacher at the time. Toru then began making math worksheets for his son, Takeshi.
Toru believed that the work of an educator is to foster a mindset for self-learning in children. So Toru Kumon went through much trial and error when creating learning materials for his son in order that Takeshi would be able to work comfortably with the materials each day and to steadily develop his skills. Based on his experience as a high school teacher, Toru Kumon knew that many senior high school students had problems with their math studies because of insufficient calculation skills. Therefore, he focused on developing Takeshi's calculation skills, and created materials that made it possible for his son to learn independently. This was because, through his own educational experiences, Toru Kumon knew that students could only gain genuine academic ability by making progress on their own.
Toru Kumon wrote out calculation problems on loose-leaf paper for Takeshi, which became the prototype for today's Kumon worksheets. Takeshi quickly developed his ability through studying the materials created by his father for half an hour every day. As a result, he was able to reach the level of differential and integral calculus when he was just a few months into the sixth grade. Following his success with Takeshi, Toru Kumon invited some children from the neighborhood to come and study at his home, and instructed them in a similar way to how he had instructed Takeshi. As a result, all of them greatly improved their academic ability. Seeing this, Toru Kumon wished to develop the potential of as many children as possible with his learning method. In 1958, therefore, he decided to establish an office in Osaka and open more Math Centers. From that year the number of Kumon students began to increase steadily. With reaching high-school level materials through self-learning as the goal, Toru Kumon's aim was to develop the ability of students to the maximum by enabling them to study at a level appropriate for each individual.
Children have an inherent potential to grow. Through their practice of reading, writing, and calculation, students develop the confidence to learn on their own. We at Kumon consider education to be the nurturing of children's ability to achieve self-fulfillment in the future and realize their dreams and goals. Born out of a father's love for his son, Kumon is not restricted by the barriers of language, culture or history. As more people hear about the benefits of the Kumon Method, it continues to reach greater numbers of students throughout the world

So..after berfikir dari beberapa minggu yang lepas,i decided to send my son by end of March..biarlah orang cakap apa pun..yang penting kita tahu apa yg kita buat..

And just an inspiration for all of you...kita kena tanya diri kita...kenapa chinese student bole score A dalam subject math?sebab apa?sebab diorang dah guna teknik ni sekian lama dlu...
Please semua..buang pemikiran negatif kalau orang cakap anak still kecil..tak perlu lg..for me..since they are small kids,kita kena bagi diorang minat that we they grow up older and older they have the ability to score on this subject..Trust me!!

I will enroll Math subject first..Insyallah..
Once danial start his 1st class,nanti aku share dgn hampa..
Thanks kpd semua yang komen..thanks for your advice..Appreciate!!



  1. Thanks sharing, Kumon’s learning method takes students through a structured programme involving specially developed worksheets. Kumon constantly evaluates and revises the worksheets of all its programmes to ensure there is nothing hindering smooth progress. More info at:

  2. Salam.boleh share perkembangan anak pn dgn kumon....saya pun ada berkira kira nak hantar... thanks